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Union Berlin, odds of 81. Marseille, odds of 17. Below, we will explore all major facets of BetUSR to see what lies behind the pretty blue interface and what it can do for you. Regardless, we believe that if one can overlook this, they can have a great time at BetUSR. Gambling Laws in Missouri However, there are ways for you to gamble legally in MO. Our Free Football Betting Tips Whatever the day, our team of betting experts are busy either writing or researching football tips. These tips can be read on our site completely free of charge. They will cover all the top Saturday games and then carry on with all the rest of the week's top fixtures. Their aim is for our tipsters to produce betting tips that today will hopefully provide you with plenty of winners. We cover all the main leagues around the world. This includes: The English Premier LeagueLa LigaChampions LeagueEuropa League The German BundesligaSerie A in ItalyFrance Ligue 1 The South African Premier League We cover many other leagues around the world so our tipsters have great knowledge of world football. Today, tomorrow and beyond they will give you free tips. Just what is needed though to predict how a match will progress? This article will take a look at the steps that you can take. As you will see, research is the magic word if you want to get the best results. Read about the essential elements that need to be taken into consideration before placing your football bets and how to succeed with your predictions in the coming months. Bet on Football here Premier League football prediction: who to bet on in 2022-2023? This season, as often in the last few editions, Manchester City and Liverpool will be in the fight to win the English league title. With players like De Bruyne, Haaland, Salah and Van Dijk in their squad, the two big English clubs seem to have a certain lead over their nearest rivals. However, Arsenaland Tottenham are also showing signs of being strong contenders. The odds are also very interesting, and we strongly advise you to try Guardiola's men, who have a very strong squad and should once again lead his players to the English top. You will find more information provided by our sports experts on Premier League betting tips.The main odds Manchester City, odds of 1. 33 Liverpool, odds of 8. 00 Arsenal, odds of 13. 00 Tottenham, odds of 15. 00 Manchester United, odds of 21. 00 Chelsea, odds of 34. 00 Newcastle, odds of 151. 00 Brighton and Hove Albion, odds of 201. 00 West Ham, odds of 301. 00 Leeds United, odds of 501. 00 Odds taken from bet365. com and vbet. com English Championship prediction: who to bet on in 2022/23 This season will again see a tight battle to win the English Championship, the second-tier of English football. There will be a good number of teams attempting to win automatic promotion to the Premier League or via the end of season play-offs. The clubs who were relegated from the top flight last season are attempting to make an immediate return to the Premier League and this has happened regularly in recent seasons. Norwich City, Burnley and Watford will be in contention. Sides such as Sheffield United and Blackburn Rovers are also likely promotion candidates. You will find more information provided by our sports experts on our Championship betting tips pagesThe main odds Sheffield United, odds of 4. 00 Norwich City, odds of 4. 50 Burnley, odds of 7. 00 Watford, odds of 11. 00 West Bromwich Albion, odds of 13. 00 Middlesbrough, odds of 15. 00 Blackburn Rovers, odds of 26. 00 Bristol City, odds of 41. 00 Odds taken from bet365. com and vbet. com La Liga Football prediction: who to bet on in 2022-2023? This season, as always, the two Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid will be battling it out to win the Spanish league title. With players like Lewandowski, Benzema, Vinicius, Fati and Pedri in their squad, the two big clubs are sure to have a big lead over the other clubs. The odds are also very interesting, and we strongly advise you to try Xavi's men, who have a great squad and should lead his players to a title for the first time as a coach. Find more information on LaLiga betting tips provided by our tipsters.The main odds Barcelona, odds of 2. 00 Real Madrid, odds of 2. 00 Atletico Madrid, odds of 11. 00 Villarreal, odds of 41. 00 Real Betis, odds of 41. 00 Real Sociedad, odds of 61. 00 Real Sociedad, odds of 51. 00 Athletic Bilbao, odds of 67. 00 Odds taken from bet365. com and vbet. com Serie A Soccer prediction: who to bet on in 2022-2023? This season again, there will be a close battle to become Italian champions. . AC Milan and Napoli are two of them, but above all Juventus, and Inter Milan. With players like Vlahovic, Pogba, Martinez and Lukaku in their squad, the last two clubs seem to have a small lead over the competition. The odds are also very interesting, and we advise you to try Massimiliano Allegri's men, who have a very good squad and should once again lead his players towards a title that has eluded them for two years now. You can find more Serie A predictions of our experts on Serie A betting tips.The main odds AC Milan, odds of 3. 00 Inter Milan, odds of 3. 50 Juventus, odds of 5. 50 Napoli, odds of 6. 00 AS Roma, odds of 8. 00 Atalanta, odds of 15. 00 Lazio Rome, odds of 29. 00 Torino, odds of 201. 00 Odds taken from bet365. com and vbet. com Bundesliga football prediction: who to bet on in 2022-2023? This season, as always for the last 10 years, Bayern Munich should win the German football championship. With players like Müller, Nueur and Kimmich, the Bavarian club is far superior to the competition from Dortmund, Leipzig and Bayer Leverkusen. Although the odds on Bayern winning the title are not very attractive, they could be used in an accumulator. Unfortunately, no other team seems to be able to compete with Bayern despite the transfer of Lewandowski to Barcelona. . For more information, take a look at Bundesliga betting tips provided by our sports experts.The main odds Bayern Munich, odds 1. 07 Borussia Dortmund, odds 17. 00 RB Leipzig, odds of 17. 00 Freiburg, odds of 67. 00 Union Berlin, odds of 81. 00 Bayer Leverkusen, odds of 81. 00 Borussia Monchengladbach, odds of 101. 00 Hoffenheim, odds of 151. 00 Odds taken from bet365. com and vbet. com Prediction Football Ligue 1 : who to bet on in 2022-2023 ? This season as often, Paris-Saint-Germain should win the French football championship. With players like Mbappé, Messi and Marquinhos, the capital club is light years ahead of the competition from Marseille, Lyon and AS Monaco. Although the odds for PSG are rather short after making another good start to the season, they could be placed in accumulators perhaps. They do already look likely to retain their title. You will find more information provided by our sports experts on Ligue 1 betting tips.The main oddsPSG, odds of 1. 03 Marseille, odds of 17. 00 Lyon, odds of 34. 00 Monaco, odds of 34. 00 Lens, odds of 51. 00 Rennes - odds of 51. 00 Lille - odds of 101. 00 Odds taken from bet365. com and vbet. com Bet on Football here How to Improve your chances of Making Winning Football Bets Our team of football betting experts have a great deal of experience at this job. They love to carry out the important research needed to make winning selections. They will look at the latest form to make a prediction of the teams that are most likely to produce winning bets today and in the future. As you will read though, it's not all about who will win a football game. There are plenty of other markets that you can bet on. If our experts believe these are the best ones to back, then that is the route they will go down. Remember it's totally free to read the previews on our site, that's a great deal Check the Odds to Increase Profits Remember that as well as the tips, it is important to look at the odds given by online bookmakers. These odds are based on the probability of an event happening. For example, the odds on Real Madrid beating Athletic Bilbao in La Liga at home on Saturday won't be large as bookmakers will believe that it is highly probable that Liverpool will be the winners. The odds on Bilbao winning will be a lot higher, simply because the bookmakers believe the probability of them winning are slim. However, shock results happen and if our football tipster covering that game believes that one may happen, they will tell you and explain just why that is the case, all for free. Make a bet on football right now The Importance of Research before placing a football bet Simply placing money on a team to win because you either support them or have short odds isn't a great idea. Our team of betting experts spend hours working out the original football tips they provide for this site. Research is the most important word when it come to deciding which football bet (or for any sport) is vitally important. We regularly give you details of betting site offers and it's important to make the most of any that are received. Again, this information is available to you totally free of charge. Statistics are So Important Not doing so just doesn't make sense really if you want the best results. You can't just choose the favourites and make a prediction that they will win. Imagine if you put money on a team without checking their current form or if any key players are injured. Doing that can put your chances of placing football wagers that won't be successful and we don't want to see that happen. You can discover some important statistics when doing some research. Finding trends can help you a great deal when making your prediction on how a particular match will go. This can include how many goals a team has been scoring, their defensive record, home and away form and if both teams are scoring in recent fixtures. We will explain this in more depth as this article progresses. Bet on football today Look at the Football Form Guides The form of a team is of high importance when it comes to making your prediction. . It's not as simple as it looks though. You might think if a team has won their last three games, they are worth backing if playing today. Look at who they have been playing in those matches. If the wins have come against struggling sides in La Liga or the Bundesliga, then that form isn't so great. However, if the wins had come against top teams, then this is a team that is in great form and worth backing. Who have teams been playing? It's the same with a team that has been getting poor recent results. If they have had a tough fixture list and been playing all the top sides, that's not such bad form, especially if now up against a struggling side. If they have been losing matches against teams who are down the bottom of the table and now play a top side, best not to put any money on them. Home and away form has to be studied. Teams can often be strong at home but get poor results away from home or vica versa. Our free previews will include all of this kind of information and make a prediction that we believe will be successful. Bet on the top football games How important is the Football Match? Not every football match is of great importance. This particularly refers to games being played at the end of a season. For example, Juventus regularly win Serie A but once the title has been won, their form dips. In the 2019/20 season, that saw them lose three of their last five league fixtures. This can also happen in the Champions League when a team has already qualified or have a big lead after the first leg of a knock-out tie, so field a weakened team in the remaining games. That was the case in the 2020/21 Champions League when Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich qualified with two matches remaining. It is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration when making the prediction of a result. We will provide you with Premier League predictions for all the games that are played. If it is a league match that could determine the title winners, relegation, a play-of place or European qualification, then this is a highly important game. Both teams will be out to get the win and hopefully have their strongest line-ups available.Time to Experiment? However, it may be a league match that has little importance. It could be between two sides who can't get into Europe but won't be relegated. This may be the time for them to experiment and field some younger players to get them some experience. Our tipsters will take that into consideration when deciding what prediction to make. Take this advice in hand today when working out your bets as it makes predictions a lot easier. Be careful when making wagers on friendly matches. These will see weakened line-ups being played and lots of substitutions. It's best to watch the games if possible and see which players are in form for when the competitive matches begin. Placing a real cash bet based on a prediction of a non-competitive game isn't a great idea, particularly club matches. It may be that a team has a more important match on the horizon. If Liverpool play a few days before a major Champions League match, they may well leave players out of their side. When teams do this, you have to take it into consideration when deciding your football bets. Place your football bets now Check out the Football team news Team news is a key part of the predictions process. It's not just the level of importance of the match that decides a final line-up. We are in the age of squad rotation and players can't appear in every single game. Not with the congested fixture list we have now that is for sure. League games are being played all the time it seems, so team changes are likely. Our betting experts always take this into consideration when making their tips. This is definitely the case with cup games. Clubs often make a high number of changes for EFL and FA Cup games, almost making them reserve matches. Midweek games often see players rested to keep them fresh for the big game on Saturday. Check the team news before a game. It may be for example, that Manchester City decide to rest Raheem Sterling or Kevin du Bruyne. If they do, that has to be taken into account when placing your wager. The more information you have, the better the prediction that can be made. It works both ways of course. A key player such as Mo Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi might be making their return after injury. If this is the case, then it will strengthen their teams chance of winning. Place that football bet here Examine all the different Football markets Our football tipsters are fully aware that making predictions isn't just about who will win the match or whether it'll end in a draw. Our betting experts will look at all the markets that are available for a game. There's lots you can put some cash on including: both teams to score, under/over a certain number of goals, first, last or anytime goalscorer, how many bookings, even how many corners. Those markets don't require you to make a prediction of the end result of the game. If therefore, you aren't sure on who will win a game, look at these kinds of markets and see if any may produce a winner for you. Again, research is the key word here. Look at previous results and then make a decision on a certain market. For example, a team scoring a lot of goals but not keeping clean sheets is perfect for the both teams to score. If you fancy a team to win a match but aren't quite sure they will, use the double chance market. This sees you placing a wager on a team to win or draw their game. There are so many markets to choose from, spend time looking through them, carry out your research and hopefully you'll make a prediction that returns a profit. Check out the football odds What extra help is there for better predictions? Finally, as a small bonus to place even more winning football predictions, you should know that SportyTrader offers many tools to help you refine your analysis of the match of your choice. For example, we offer a football odds comparator, which will allow you to find the best values for your bets in just a few seconds. Also, our live match system will allow you to follow football matches live, all with a wealth of statistics and information. And, as if that wasn't enough, there's also a betting forum, as well as information sheets on how to register with bookmakers to bet on football. Enjoy yourself, your football predictions will never be bland again with SportyTrader! Our Football predictions of the moment 02 Aug 2023 - 16:00 Womens World Cup - Football Argentina W vs Sweden W Prediction & Betting Tips 02 Aug 2023 - 16:00 Womens World Cup - Football South Africa W vs Italy W Prediction & Betting Tips 02 Aug 2023 - 19:00 Womens World Cup - Football Jamaica W vs Brazil W Prediction & Betting Tips 02 Aug 2023 - 19:00 Womens World Cup - Football Panama W vs France W Prediction & Betting Tips 02 Aug 2023 - 20:30 Clubs Friendlies - Football Bayern Munich vs Liverpool Prediction & Betting Tips 03 Aug 2023 - 02:00 Champions League - Football Molde vs HJK Helsinki Prediction & Betting Tips 03 Aug 2023 - 02:00 Champions League - Football Genk vs Servette Geneva Prediction & Betting Tips 03 Aug 2023 - 02:00 Champions League - Football Maccabi Haifa FC vs Sheriff Tiraspol Prediction & Betting Tips 03 Aug 2023 - 07:00 Copa Sudamericana - Football Botafogo vs Club Guarani Asuncion Prediction & Betting Tips 03 Aug 2023 - 09:30 Copa Libertadores - Football Atletico Mineiro vs Palmeiras Prediction & Betting Tips Is there a sure win prediction in Football? Football prediction is a complex of knowledge, experience, and of course, luck. We only wish that there were surefire win forecasts but even the most likely of predictions can go wrong. Erling Haaland doesn't score in every game and must win teams often only draw or even lose. While there may not be a guarantee of sure win football tips, there are certainly actions you can take to increase your chances. Continue reading below for some tips and strategies on how to get your football bets as close to a sure bet prediction as possible! The odds that betting sites offer are based on the probability of an event happening. There simply isn't a 100% probability that for example, PSG will win their next home game. Therefore, all we can do is attempt to maximise our chances of placing a winning bet. SportyTrader got you covered! Don't hesitate to take a look at the exclusive football betting tips that our experts and sports specialists provide every day for all the major football matches, including teams to score tips, correct score tips, bet of the day. More importantly, our previews also present the form analysis, line-ups and up-to-date statistics of the event that you wish to place a bet on. With SportyTrader's football previews, you can find all the information you need to make a decision! Even though you will not find sure straight win football predictions, the following advice can still come in handy for betting of all kinds. To begin with, don't bet with your heart and just put money on the team you support, and ensure that you read carefully the provided soccer prediction to make sure of your selection. It can also be helpful to look at the team news to see how strong a line-up is going to be fielded. On top of that, this research will improve your chances of winning but just remember that upsets will happen in the not totally predictable world of sports betting.Conclusion You can see therefore that working out your football predictions isn't the easiest of jobs. That's why reading the tips of our football experts is so important. There's lots of research to be carried out and we recommend you do that for all your tips. If it's a game being covered by our site, then let our football experts do all the hard work and read their excellent tips. Remember they are all totally free to read. There's so many different factors to take into consideration in this difficult world of making predictions. Whether it be form, the importance of the game or team news, all have to be considered. The more you know about a game, the better the chance of getting a win. Hopefully, our experts will provide you with plenty of winning bets so check out this page on a regular basis. 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