does selling on amazon make good money

Bidding strategy is complicated and you'll need to read up on it but you ideally want 3 campaigns for each product or product group. An auto campaign, a broad campaign and an exact campaign. 19年11月 A mini portable blender that'll help you create smoothies, smoothies, and smoothies without having to carry around a ton of counter space. I love the little brown sugar and a little sprinkle, which is the perfect size for the brown sugar and cinnamon. There are also daily promos, prize drops, and more. Delaware has three online casinos, all named after horse racing tracks in the state. CPC , is anyone actually making money? PeterB 19年11月 I don't know this for a fact but I assume not everyone pays the same for CPC. I would imagine bidding is multi-dimentional, just as it is on other platforms. Many things like budget and quality scores probably affect CPC bids also. Bob_and_Charlie_s_Pe 19年11月 I got a phone call from Amazon and they set up the advertising after what we set up was costing a fortune and we cancelled the advertising - 10p per click max £5 a day - split between all inventory but over 8 campaigns - they did this in minutes and offered further help if over time it did not work - it works a treat costing around 12% of promoted sales but this is a small amount when averaged - not sure this helps but it seems that Amazon are available to help if you want them to DAE-1 19年11月 If Chinese Sellers, they may charge say £5 for an item, but it costs only say 40p and post from China is say 20p as Royal Mail subsidise Chinese Sellers under an old agreement back when China was a struggling country (which should be revoked). I've had items for 60p from China inc what Royal Mail would charge me £3 to deliver, let alone cost of the item, packaging, VAT and Amazon fees. So lets say that £5 item on Amazon, costs that 40p + 20p, they can afford Amazon fees and Pay per Click Adverts to get more orders dragonmaster russ 19年11月 Hi Russ, that sounds great but if the cost per click is so low how is Amazon displaying the adverts? Seems silly to be spending 20p, 30p, 40p... so on per click if 2p is all it takes. SANJEEV 19年11月 dragonmaster: If your selling a £3 item... even a £5 item and paying that CPC how are they making any money?? I've heard through the grape vine about some kind of black hat third-party software that manages to save money via PPC compared to normal manual use, but still get sales - not sure exactly how it does that but it's paid for, but theoretically saves a lot more than you pay to use it. Some kind of exploit in Amazon? Of course, your competitors may not be using this kind of software, and just aren't aware that they're not making any profit after they take their PPC campaigns into account. I've seen some ridiculous bids for some of our campaigns (up to like £8 per click!), which are supposedly based on competitor bids, but I can't see how anyone could bid that much to sell products for around £20. And it depends what their profit margins are, and their selling price. They may just want to create brand awareness, or want to get up the rankings or get reviews for their products, so are deliberately paying to sell it for those reasons. Tone_Deaf_Music1 19年11月 I still consider myself a beginner when it comes to PPC on Amazon, although I spend a few hundred each month and have been running campaigns for a couple of years,. It's a whole world in itself. Couple of important points. Firstly, as another poster mentioned, it's not a straight auction. If I bid 5p and you bid 10p, you don't necessarily get your ad shown. Amazon look at how likely it is that our ads will actually get clicked based on their data. So if my photo and title are better than yours, my lower bid could win the auction and my ad could be shown. Not sure if they also look at conversion ratio (ie. likelihood that your item will sell) but this of course feeds back into your ACOS anyway. If my listing page is so compelling that every click ends in a sale and I have a profit of £2 on an item I can bid up to £2 and not lose money. On the other hand if the exact same product is a terrible listing and only 1 in 100 clicks results in a sale then I can only spend 2p per click. Key thing is to get your listing page bang on before you begin advertising it. Loads of great photos, and great title will help you get clicks (and therefore cheaper clicks) and those in addition to great description (EBC ideally), free shipping and lots of good reviews help your conversion ratio. I'd recommend aiming for an ACOS which is equal to your profit margin to start with (or higher if you have deep pockets and/or value time over money) Bidding strategy is complicated and you'll need to read up on it but you ideally want 3 campaigns for each product or product group. An auto campaign, a broad campaign and an exact campaign. The auto and broad campaigns are for research purposes and figuring out new keywords. As soon as you get a sale for a particular search term (Not keyword!!) you add that search term as a new keyword in your exact campaign where you can fine tune the bid to make it profitable (or to hit your break even). As well as adding it to your exact, you add it as a negative phrase and exact to your auto campaign and an negative exact to your broad campaign. Any search terms that are getting lots of click and no sales in your auto and broad campaigns should be added as negatives too. There's a lot more to it and I'd suggest you find an internet article on the above campaign structure. You'll lose money at the start but as long as you are always optimising the campaigns you can see it as paying for data and reviews. If you just set them and forget them you'll almost certainly lose money (unless you have a very low bid just to pick up the odd bit of low hanging fruit) arwd PeterB 19年11月 Difficult to believe I know, but maybe not everyone pays per click :zipper_mouth_face: IG_Jewellery 19年11月 hi I read a lot of negative words around this topic. i start sale here a few months ago and the first thing learned is we play in Amazons Playground, the second is Amazon is a company to make profit with all of us. Complaint don't solve our problems if today are a lot of Chinese sellers tomorrow will be more. Think out of the box and not follow others create your own strategy and follow her with focus. how someone in amazon can tell you how advertise don't know your Budgets well this guys are sellers to make you spend money in his company. Sorry About my point of View. Gym2 19年11月 Hi, I've posted a few times on this very topic. In short, we analysed everything on CPC. Around September something changed. Costs ballooned 200%, campaigns were running out of money in hours and of course no or very low sales. Our category average is £10.00 yet the suggested bids for the top 3 keywords was £5.00!! I'd recommend looking at your organic sales %. You might be surprised at how little CPC is delivering. Work on improving your organic listing and getting sales this way and keeping all your profit. Think_Favours 19年11月 Low Margin Items for this time of the year, is unlikely to make any money due to the high CPC rates, its the same with Google, most businesses can make 70% of their revenue in Q4 so they set budget accordingly, if you break even and have your own brand you can use this as an exercise to gain more sales and increase the BSR so that Organic sales will make you the profit you are looking for moving forward - if this isnt the model that will work for you and you will make a loss, maybe its just not worth losing all the money in Q4 if 1. you dont need to work cashflow and get rid of products, or 2. if you dont make the profit back and then some throughout the rest of the year how to make money selling coins on ebay There are also daily promos, prize drops, and more. Delaware has three online casinos, all named after horse racing tracks in the state. 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