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Check our top of Louis Vuitton bags under $1,500 - these are current 2023 prices. Sadly, with the latest growth of the cost of luxury goods in the post-pandemic world, Louis Vuitton joined another price league. The French brand doesn't offer bags under $1,000 anymore. If your budget is under $1,000, we recommend to opt for a smaller accessory. Moreover, most of the items from our selection are teeny-tiny and mostly suitable for nights out rather than for running errands. Nevertheless, without further ado, let us introduce you to our selection of the cheapest Louis Vuitton handbags! Louis Vuitton Purses Under $1,500 in 2023 The choice of handbags in this category is quite limited, yet you can find some pretty additions to your luxury collection. There are no leather models in this group. Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories The cheapest purse of adequate size, which is able to fit a phone, keys, a lipstick, a cardholder, a small wallet, tissues, LV sunglasses, and your ID. It can be found in the iconic Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas pattern and gorgeous Damier Azur. LV Pochette Accessories is a perfect choice for many occasions and outfits. The official retail price is $1,290 (as of 2023), however, this item is probably being discontinued as it's not available on many local websites, including the US. Louis Vuitton Double Zip Pochette (Damier Ebene) A purse with two separate compartments in a classic Damier Ebene/Reverse Monogram canvas, which you can get for $1,420. Leather models are available for an additional $200. Double Zip Pochette is ideal for fashion lovers who prefer a bit of organization in their handbags. Place your phone, banknotes, or a cardholder in one compartment and keep keys, makeup must-haves, and mirror in another. Louis Vuitton Felicie Pochette Want to dress up for a theater, restaurant, or wedding? Felicie Pochette will become your best company for any special occasion! Structured and elegant, this cute purse with two inserts will fit a phone, a cardholder, keys, a coin purse, and a lipstick. What a great way to purchase a small purse and two wallets! Pochette Felicie is available in all signature patterns of the brand (Monogram, Damier Azur, Damier Ebene) for $1,490. Louis Vuitton Double Zip Pochette (Damier Azur) It's exactly the same model that we've mentioned above, of the exact same size, but a little cheaper. This Louis Vuitton purse is crafted from Damier Azur canvas and has an adjustable shoulder strap instead of a chain. A bit more casual purse for a slightly bigger price. This model can be purchased for $1,350. Leather options are also available, however, add at least $300 more. Louis Vuitton Double Zip Pochette (Monogram Giant Reverse) If you want to spend your money wisely and get two prints instead of one, this Double Zip Pochette is for you. Crafted from canvas, it features two different motifs – classic Monogram and Mono Giant Reserve on each side. Just $1,420, and you can style your designer purse as you like. Louis Vuitton Purses Under $1,800 in 2023 Now, when we have finished defining which Louis Vuitton handbag is the cheapest, it's time to move to the next category. The majority of Louis Vuitton purses under $1,700 are within the price range of $1,600-1,700. Louis Vuitton Felicie Pochette (Empreinte Leather) The first leather bag in our selection! And what a beauty! Gorgeous and chic Felicie Pochette in Empreinte leather with an elegant shoulder chain will change any outfit and make you sparkle. There used to be a version in Epi leather, which was cheaper, but it has already been discontinued. The model exists in three colors: turtledove, rose poudre, navy, black, scarlet, cognac. The price of this baby purse is $1,620. Louis Vuitton Nano Noe purse Don't be alarmed by the word "nano", this miniature version of the famous LV bucket bag will fit all your daily essentials. Nano Noe is a perfect choice for running errands and to match your casual style. For $1,760 you get a surprisingly roomy cross-body bag that can fit a folding wallet, a phone, a keyholder, a pack of tissues, a sample-sized hand cream, and a couple of lip balms. Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy A cult bag model in a teeny-tiny size. Nano Speedy in Monogram Canvas is large enough for all your must-haves, like a smartphone, a key pouch, a hand sanitizer, and a cardholder. The official retail price is $1,760. Great options for lovers of compact and stylish bags. By the way, another seasonal version of Speedy has been recently released by the fashion house - Speedy 20! It is a bit bigger than Nano Speedy, but a lot more expensive, that is why it is not in our selection. But here's Everything About the New Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 20 - we've put a lot of effort in this one! Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 If the idea of paying such a price for a small purse doesn't please you, it's possible to get a full-sized Speedy in the same pattern by paying just $30 more ($1,490). It would fit way more belongings (like an agenda and a hairbrush in addition to all must-haves), yet it doesn't have a convenient shoulder strap. Be sure to check out our Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag Reference Guide: History, Releases, Leathers. Maybe you actually want a bigger size or a limited edition! Louis Vuitton Double Zip Pochette (Empreinte) One of the Louis Vuitton purses that shows the class and the excellent taste of its owner. Made from soft Empreinte leather with Monogram embossing on both sides and featuring a golden chain. This classy purse will easily fit all your valuable belongings necessary for one evening. The cost of this chic accessory? $1,690 on the LV official website in 2023. Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 We have reached the actual bags for daily use, not just baby pochettes for evening outfits. Speedy 30 in canvas can be purchased for $1,550 and make a great everyday accessory. This working worse will fit almost everything you need: all essentials, a small bottle of water, a scarf, medications, a long wallet, an e-book, and an iPad mini. Interested which Louis Vuitton Handbag can fit a 15" laptop? Here are Best Luxury Women's Laptop Bags That Fit a MacBook Pro 15". Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Crave for an even bigger size? Just add $20 and for a total of $1,390, you can get a spacious Speedy 35 in canvas. A wonderful option for fashion lovers who need plenty of stuff during the day. Speedy 35 can fit small devices and an agenda, a big cosmetic pouch, a long wallet, medications, and a hairbrush. Louis Vuitton Purses Under $1,500 in 2022 The last group of our selection includes the most expensive of the cheapest (sorry for the pun). Here we have a nice diversity: a clutch, an everyday purse, and a bucket bag. Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 The biggest of the family, Speedy 40 costs just $90 more than the miniature Speedy Nano. For as little as $1,410, you get a huge purse made from durable canvas, which can be used as a travel bag (for overnight trips) or for daily use. Louis Vuitton Felicie Pochette (Empreinte) Ready to make an investment and get a real eye-catcher? Chic Felicie Pochette in Empreinte leather is exactly what you need. Available in 5 colors from classic black to juicy scarlet (we still don't know which one looks the most appealing), this elegant accessory is large enough to keep your essentials, like your phone, ID, and cash safe, while you're busy at a party. The price of this luxury is just $1,420. Louis Vuitton Noe BB A convenient Louis Vuitton purse that can hold an amazing amount of stuff? It's about Noe BB in Monogram canvas! The official price is $1,480, and that can be just enough to turn this purse into a real working horse. Inside, there's plenty of space for all the daily essentials, like sunglasses, keys, and cosmetic pouches, agenda, phone, and some extras (if you need to carry medications, tissues, and some chewing gum). Best Louis Vuitton Bag Under $1,500 in 2023 All of the purses mentioned above make nice additions to your collection. However, if you're buying your very first Louis Vuitton bag on a budget, as lovers of designer fashion, we would highly recommend to go with Speedy 25. Speedy 25 is a timeless compact purse, and an excellent investment. Out of all Speedy sizes, this one is the most popular. As a result, it also keeps its value better than other sizes. Are you purchasing a preloved Louis Vuitton purse? Don't forget to make sure it's authentic! With constantly growing prices, it feels harder to track which Louis Vuitton handbag is the cheapest at the moment. Currently, these 16 goods are the best Louis Vuitton purses under $1,500 that you can find in boutiques and online. However, don't think too much before getting yourself one – they may become even more expensive in a couple of months. Is there a chance to get an LV purse cheaper than $1,000? Of course! The resale market is full of pre-loved items. Check our stock to get a designer bag at a reasonable price! But if you are thinking about purchasing a bag somewhere else, do not forget to order professional authentication. It is a little add-up to the price of your new bag, but this way you'll be sure you are getting a true Louis Vuitton item. If you need to authenticate a Louis Vuitton/Dior/Gucci item, please order one of the three types of authentication: Verbal Authentication $10 good when you need a certificate for any reason, Certificate of Authenticity $25 good when you need a certificate for any reason, either to sell the bag with the peace of mind or to return a fake bag to the seller if you purchased a fake includes a permanent certificate on lvbagaholic. com Certificate of Authenticity with a thorough explanation $50 good when you need a certificate and you need to know why the bag is authentic/not authentic for any reason, either to sell the bag with the peace of mind or return a fake bag to the seller if you purchased a fake. includes a permanent certificate on lvbagaholic. com lvbagaholic. com includes an explanation of why the item is fake (detailed pictures and comparisons with an authentic bag, more than 10 pics included) PLEASE CHOOSE ONE OF THE OPTIONS BELOWcan you make money self publishing on amazonOnline slots for free slot. 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